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Societies Demand for Equality

Because of the so-called progressive shift in modern relationships, particularly men have become disorientated by societies demand for equality. Seeking harmony in Yoga terms is known as Leela ‘the game of life’. Practitioners look to harmonise their physical (Maya) and consciousness (Leela) counterparts with others. Such a game is very rewarding for those that dare to play it, but it comes not without challenge.

The dance between Shiva (masculine) and Shakti (feminine) is ever present, our work is to fathom out the steps.


The Buddha’s teachings mention ‘The Four Immeasurable Qualities’ which are, loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity. But in today’s society equanimity gets misunderstood. Equanimity is not a subject of gender but a mental approach towards others. The gender polarity of masculine and feminine will always remain, but seeing ourselves as equal, outside of our social and cultural conditioning is rarely the case.

Without natural equanimity thoughts of insecurity can occur. Thoughts of being not ‘good enough’ or worse still ‘better than’ are the travesty of modern men. Underneath the mask of romantic pretence, there is confusion brewing. More than ever men are taking feminine roles, in on order harmonise their relationships and yet as a result women are becoming increasingly frustrated by men ‘not being man enough’.

What to do?

By harmonising the positive and negative aspects of the chakras, students of Yoga learn to harmonise within their individual being (Jivatman). This conscious shift brings a greater connection with others and with their life’s purpose.

On a practical day to day level, the male role, Shiva ( essence) must take the reins and ride the winds of change because Shakti his counterpart cannot be reformed without him. Such a hero referred to as a Vira, a spiritual warrior, one who is more than merely an animal (Apashu) and moving towards becoming a realised one (Divia). The desire for all woman is to know her man is living purposefully.

The Way of the Vira

The Vira’s role is to remain steadfast and gallant as he yields the challenges thrown his way. He must become strong as a rock, yet remain supple like water in the way he deals with her and others. Here, his counterpart Shakti will feel both protected and nourished by his efforts; yet feel she need neither control nor sway his path. In return, with great integrity, the Vira will honour her in both love making and life. As the two harmonise, the seat of the heart chakra (Anahata) opens and the divine qualities, Purusha and Prakriti unite. It is here Tantric Yoga begins.


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